Thursday, June 14, 2012

LT's 5th Birthday

LT had two requests for his birthday party this year. First, he wanted just a small group of his friends and  he only wanted to invite boys this year. And second, he wanted to have "an interior decorating party." Setting aside any potential commentary on how we keep our home, an interior decorating party was somewhat problematic because none of his boy buddies are as into art or decorating as he is.  

Luckily Kari came to the rescue and came up with a compromise party idea that worked for everyone involved - a space party that included lots of arts and crafts. 

And I must say that she really outdid herself this time and put together an incredible and super creative party. The boys had tons of fun panting planets, throwing paint covered koosh balls to make a galaxy, wearing their homemade jet packs, eating star and planet themed cake pops, doing a meteor shower treasure hunt, and smashing up the star shaped piñata.

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