Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Field Day

 I am a little late getting around to posting these pictures from LTs "big school" field day. It was by far the best field day I have been to, extremely organized with activities that were age appropriate for all kids.  Above the kids put on fins, goggles and grabbed a fishing net.  They had to run and then fill up their net with fish and run back.

 Lacrosse, which Adler loved!
 Frisbees thrown at a target.  Unfortunately, even though this was LTs field day, most of the pictures are of Adler because when it was LT's turn, I was chasing Adler, or keeping him from bothering other participants.
 A hat race was a big hit.  Hats were scattered in a field and the kids had to run, grab a hat, put it on and run back to place it in their hula hoop.  They repeated until all the hats were gone.

There was also a bug catch, soccer, fox tails a suitcase race and many other fun activities!

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