Saturday, April 19, 2014

Return to Mexico

Our last visit to Mexico was years ago, before we had Adler and when LT wasn't even a year old. We came home early and spent more time in the hospital than we did in the beautiful beach villa we'd rented for the week. It wasn't the best vacation we've ever had and, largely as a result, we've kept our family vacations domestic in the years since. That changed with spring break this year when we decided to head back to Mexico and Baba even went with us this time.

We went to an all inclusive hotel in Puerto Vallarta. It wasn't exactly a cultural experience and, really, we could have been just about anywhere in the world with a beach and a pool and warm weather. But it worked out great for a family vacation (the buffet meals were especially nice to have for the kids).

The boys swam in the pool a lot and spent a lot of time on the beach. Just to keep things interesting though, they never wanted to go to the beach but, of course once we got there, they wouldn't want to leave.

Exploring the hotel was fun for the boys.

And one day we took a boat tour, with a stop to snorkel, to a more remote beach for a BBQ lunch.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor

Earlier this year my employer held a meeting at the historic Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs. I was there for most of the week but Kari and the boys came came down to enjoy the famous old hotel for a night. The boys seemed quite at home with the luxurious lifestyle.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

While skiing with the boys this year, Kari and I would often recount to them how we were in ski school/club together when were kids. They weren't particularly impressed but we dug up this old photo from Roadrunners' ski club to prove it to them anyway. Kari is on the left in the blue jacket and I'm just right of the middle in the green.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jewel system day

 The boys have what they call a "jewel system".  Every few months we choose a few things for the kids to work on (bringing home your coat from school each day, getting ready in the morning without problems, cleaning up after themselves without being asked etc).  They get jewels for the tasks and try to fill up a cup.  When the cup is filled they get a reward.  The first time they each got to choose a new toy and this time they got to choose a place they wanted to go.  As the cups were getting closer to being filled, the boys decided they would like to go to Chucky Cheese.  We actually ended up going to the Children's museum also because we were in the area and had a few extra minutes.  It was a fun day!
 Adler loves building at the Children's museum and yesterday was no exception.  I'm not sure what he built, but it consisted of several plastic tops with nails sticking through.
 The fire truck and make believe play is always a hit for these two also.
 Landon has mastered ski ball.  He realized he's pretty good at it and its the best way to get the most tickets to buy the most junk.  As you can see, he took his cup of coins and played until they were gone, tickets piling up to the side of him.
Adler insisted we go to the Chucky Cheese that's further away, but has Scoop.  He rode it once and then realized it didn't give tickets and "used to be much bigger".  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Watching Wesley

Adler and I got to watch my newest nephew and Adler's newest cousin a few days ago.  Adler was so excited, he had piles of books chosen weeks in advance to read to him :)