Friday, July 1, 2016

NOLA Aquarium

 We took the boys to the aquarium one afternoon in New Orleans.  
 Blane loved crawling on this glass area that looked down at fish.
And driving this little tugboat.

Dalai Lama

 My mom, cousin and I were lucky to be able to see the Dalai lama when he was in Boulder last week.  The mayor of Boulder presented him with a few "gifts", a bike helmet and bike jersey.  His sense of humor is so sweet.  

 This was a full day event and before the morning session they had the Tibetan Association of Colorado's kids do a few dance performances.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WW 2 museum

 New Orleans has a massive and very well done World War 2 museum.  Landon really wanted to go, I think it would have been too much for Adler to comprehend so he stayed behind.  Landon and I made a days adventure out of it.  We walked the mile each way and spent a good amount of time (though one could spend a week there and not get through it all).  Landon really loved looking at the tanks and airplanes, but he also learned a lot from an exhibit called "a journey to Berlin".  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mardi Gras World

 My mom had been to New Orleans recently and said that the kids would really like going to Mardi Gras World (one of 3 locations that makes the floats for the 11 days of parading around mardi gras).  It was quite the experience to see these being made.
 Talented artists creating the perfect floats.

 They also make all the cows for the Chick Fil-A signs.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Quick Camping Trip

 My brother had rented a cabin in Golden Gate Canyon that they couldn't use and offered it to us.  Because of Landon's Ken Caryl swim meet (more on that in another post), we were only able to go for Sunday night, so it was quick but a fun getaway.
 I asked at the visitors center for a hike that was good for all ages and she suggested we do the "Raccoon" trail.  It was supposed to be 2.2 miles and easy with a short detour.  We started out and it wasn't easy, nor short.  After quite a while hiking (2 plus hours), we hadn't even made it to Panorama point, which was supposed to be just over halfway.  The boys were pretty fast hikers so it shouldn't have taken this long.  I also had left our water bottle at the campground, and it was hot.  

 Finally we made it to Panorama Point, but the trail said 2.3 miles back to the campground from there.  It also said there was a detour.  Rather than risking a long hike, we took the road back with my GPS.  It was probably another mile or so on a hot dirt road, but the boys were troopers and we made it back hungry and thirsty.  

 Camping wouldn't be camping without s'mores!  The boys spent the afternoon collecting firewood.

 Baby Blane was such a happy camper!
 As were his brothers and parents.