Thursday, July 31, 2014

JCC acting camp

Adler took a little acting camp at the JCC this summer.  They played a lot of games where they would pretend they were different things, read lots of fables (the camp was based on Aesops fables), completed many art projects and did a short performance at the very end of the week in which they had practiced a few times as well as built the set and made the costumes.  All the kids were lions and the teacher was a mouse, each learning lessons from each other.  I was a little shocked by how confident Adler was during the performance and how much fun he seemed to have in this type of camp.

Such a cute lion :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 The boys, along with grandma and papa, took a week long vacation to Seattle and San Diego to visit uncle Scott, Aunt Ying and Nicholas.  While in Seattle, we managed to squeeze in one sunny day and decided to go canoeing!  
 We split into two canoes, Grandma with the big boys and Adler with Papa and I.  
 This was a first for our kids, but they really enjoyed being on the water.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swim with Finn

The boys and I have enjoyed swimming this summer.  Landon is completely water safe (in fact he passed the deep end test, meaning he swam across the pool and back and floated on his back for 10 seconds).  Now that he's deep end safe, he can go anywhere in the pool alone, and he does!  His good friend is at camp at Stanley and they are lucky enough to swim each afternoon with their camp.  Landon and I went to the pool and timed it so that he could swim at the same time as Finn.  As Landon put it, "its so nice to have a friend who can swim the same way I can swim and we can do stuff in the deep end together".  I don't always understand the silly games they play, but its some sort of dramatic acting where they "fall" off the side of the pool and laugh hysterically and then climb out and do it again.  

Monday, July 28, 2014


I signed the boys up for a week long (1 hour a day) golf class with First Tee.  They were able to be in the same class (which is often rare, but really helps them both feel comfortable trying new things).  When we arrived on the first day, we were happily surprised that one of Landon's buddies from school was also in the class!  When dividing the group up into two (one to putt first and one to the driving range), these three grabbed onto each other for dear life.  I was so happy to see them including Adler so nicely.  

This was an extremely hot week unfortunately and the kids area is directly in the sun.  With lots of water, gatorade and a promise by me to take them swimming each afternoon, we managed to get through it happily.  Adler was by far the youngest (or at least the shortest) in the group.  Yet, he was not afraid to raise his hand and contribute to discussions and answer questions.  Often he would raise his hand before he thought about whether or not he had an answer.  Luckily his brother was right there to whisper the answer in his ear.  They make a pretty good team :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Crested Butte

After years of talking about going to Crested Butte (neither of us had been before), we finally booked a trip with the boys to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary.  I can't believe we hadn't made this place a priority before.  
Not only are the views stunning, but this small town is a hopping place with something going on nearly every weekend.  We were lucky to be there during a 48 hour bike "race" consisting of folks dressed up in all sorts of costumes (a banana, tin man, guy dressed in a pink tutu and the highest pink heels I have ever seen etc).  It was quite entertaining to watch these folks do laps around the town.  

Before leaving Denver we asked some friends who have 3 kids and make a yearly trip to CB about good hikes.  The suggested one that goes up to a stunning waterfall and so we decided to do that one day.  All of these pictures are taken on this hike (unfortunately I didn't take pictures on anything else we did that long weekend.)
The boys enjoyed the hike and for the first time were both able to do the hike without any carrying.  In fact at times, Brian and I were running to keep up!

The waterfall could be seen at the top of the hike from a very high cliff (and Adler likes to point out that there were no railings, which was true).  It was one of the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever seen, but we did have to watch our step and stay back from the edge.

Adler doing what Adler does.