Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day at Elitches

The boys participated in the summer reading program again through the Denver Public Library.  Every 3 weeks or so they can collect a prize.  One of the prizes was a ticket to Elitches.  After looking at our summer schedule, I realized last minute that today was our last full day with no plans and also one of the coolest days of this hot week.  I thought with it being Wednesday, it wouldn't be too crowded.  I intended on getting to the amusement park right at 10, but LT had an orthodontist appointment that lasted longer than anticipated.  When we finally arrived, the line was really long to get in.  We ended up waiting an hour an 15 minutes just to get in the gates.  I thought the ride lines would be long (and maybe they were for the big roller coasters), but we didn't have to wait in any lines once we got in.

 This was Adler's favorite ride, the hopper.

 Mesmorized by the Octonots show.

 Driving trucks.

 Bumper mice.

 Rockin' tugboat.

Paint spinners.  They both really loved the roller coaster, but I am not able to ride on it right now and couldn't even stand in line with them, so I wasn't able to get pictures.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Famaly Rools

 These went into the recycling today (LTs idea so he had space to put up a homemade basketball hoop), but they needed to be shared before they were forgotten.  They are too funny.  Especially the "no potty talk" which is something neither Brian nor I have ever said to them.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Adventures in Aspen

 The boys and I headed to Aspen with another mom and her two boys (nearly the exact ages as ours) for a mom/son weekend in Aspen.  The kids could not have gotten along better and it was so fun to see them each have a friend to play with.  We were outside nearly the entire time we were there, only returning to their condo for food or to sleep.  

 They built dams in a little stream.

 Explored the John Denver sanctuary.
 Walked the long paths that meander through the town.

 Swam at the rec center.
 Had to stop at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies to have a pretty large splinter removed.

 But also to play, jump and explore the non profit land.

 Played lots of morning games while waiting for breakfast.
 And legos.
Visited a historical museum at dusk.  Apparently the night before a bear had been visiting the same museum at dusk and was chased off by a dog!  

 Fun in fountains.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Private swim lessons

I signed the boys up for the last session of swim lessons thinking it would be pretty relaxed, but not realizing what luck we would have!  They each have private one on one swim lessons for two weeks for the price of group lessons.  LT is making great strides on his dives off the block, as well as flip turns, breast stroke and backstroke starts.  Adler is perfecting his freestyle, working on his backstroke and learning to dive as well.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lair of the Bear

 The boys and I made a poster of all the things we still want to do this summer before going back to school.  One thing on their list was to hike at Lair of the Bear.  We had an open morning and decided together that today was the day (very last minute).
 Throwing sticks and rocks off the bridge into the river was a must.