Thursday, May 26, 2016


Every year for the school auction they have the kids draw self-portraits, which they mount together with a school photo and offer for sale back to the parents. They also, of course, tell the kids about it so the kids will ask their parents to buy them and know they aren't loved, if their portrait isn't purchased. I'm not sure where the line is between a clever fundraising effort and extortion but this has to be right up next to it.

Thanks to Grandma and Papa for falling for the tactic before we did and buying the portrait for us so we wouldn't have any questioning of our love from our children this year. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Ghost Rabbits

Adler's soccer team this spring.

I played rec soccer for many years as a kid. To say that I wasn't very good would be a major exaggeration of my talents. I happened to be on a team that had some legitimately talented players though. In fact, a number of the players from that team would later form the nucleus of an East High School team that won the '95 (I think) state championship. So despite me not being any good, I was on a good team that won a lot of games. And that certainly helped make it fun. Watching Alder play has reminded me of my own time playing. Soccer just doesn't seem to come naturally to him but there are some great little players on his team. So while technically they don't keep score, it's been pretty clear that they've won most, if not all, of their games this spring. Even with the team's success, soccer isn't his favorite thing and this may well be last hurrah with the game.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Brents Place

A few friends of ours donated a brick in Elsie's memory at Brent's Place.  This is a picture of the brick on a pathway with lots of other children's names that have died.  We haven't been to see the brick, but we plan on going soon.  When I thanked our friends one of them said, "Elsie gives to the world in many ways and is in all of our hearts.", this statement couldn't be more true.  She continues to give and and teach me how to be a better person.