Friday, May 22, 2015


For years I've heard how amazing Snooze breakfasts are, but until today I had never been.  I'm not a huge breakfast or lunch person and so the thought of spending time and money on those meals doesn't appeal to me.  However, it is Adler's first day of summer break, and a rainy one at that.  I decided after dropping LT off that taking him to Snooze would be a nice treat.  I was prepared for an hour wait and decent food.  We checked in and they told us 25-35 minutes so we went in the hallway to wait.  After about 10 minutes they sent me a text saying our table was ready.  Adler ordered pancakes and I got the breakfast tacos.  Adler liked his so much, we ordered him another whole breakfast!  My food did not disappoint, in fact it was one of the better breakfasts I have ever had.  At the end Adler said, "mommy, your pancakes are really good, but these were amazing.  Its OK, I'll still eat yours though."  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A big day


Today Adler graduated from pre-k.  It was emotional for many parents, but for me, I was just proud of our little guy.  He has come so far in the 3 years he's been there.  As a 3 year old, we had to set up a very purposeful goodbye routine and yet he still cried nearly everyday at drop off.  This year, he cried if he didn't have school.  He grew from a love for trash and trash trucks, to diggers and bulldozers, into dinosaurs, Chima and most recently a self declared mine craft lover again.  I can't wait to see his growth over the next few years in elementary school.  

Adler with his two amazing teachers.  


When I asked Adler what he wanted to wear for this special day, he said, "a button shirt, definitely a bowtie and nice button pants".  He chose his outfit from the store and proudly wore it today.  

And after his special graduation morning and class party, we rushed to the Cherry Creek reservoir for Landon's last field trip of the year.  It was a cold day, but the weather didn't stop this crew from plunging into the water and digging in the sand for hours on end.  We are so lucky both boys have had incredible teachers so far and the kids/parents in both classes are nothing less than incredible.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last day of preschool (party)

The parents were invited today for a party to celebrate the end of pre-k.  These two are just the sweetest.  We sure will miss seeing him everyday.

Often people comment on LTs artistic ability (which Brian and I describe as more of a creative building/inventing artistic talent).  While LT has a talent, I am blown away sometimes by Adler's capabilities, he is quite a little artist.  He sat down today and drew this airplane, very carefully and thoughtfully.  He loves drawing and will sit for a long time drawing pictures.  
His teachers told me today that despite any chaos going on in the classroom, he will focus on projects from start to finish.  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Take aparts

I have been meaning to get rid of several electronic pieces from our storage room, but for one reason or another just haven't gotten around to it.  For those of you who know me, I'm a purger, big time.  I find when my home is less cluttered, my mind and emotions are also less cluttered.  I am happier with less stuff around.  
It comes as no surprise then that when Landon's class had an old computer to take apart one day at choice time, this was the clear thing for us to do at home with our old electronics.  I wasn't able to carry our old enormous TV up the stairs, so we opted for an old DVD player to test the grounds.  The boys were engaged and I sat with them asking questions about how they thought it worked as they took it all apart.  Their answers were quite cute and amusing.  

The boys didn't forget that I had promised them they could take the old TV apart.  While I was at an orange theory class a few days ago, Brian sent me a text of them taking apart the TV, with the same enthusiasm.  We have several other things I plan on getting out this summer for them to take apart.  

K-1-2 end of year performance

Landon also had his end of year music performance recently. Each class was featured in a song (standing up front on the stage).  Adler and I were lucky to have front row seats so for the first time I actually got a decent video.