Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pat O'Briens

 Our first night we walked down Bourbon street to have dinner at Pat O'Briens.  The street is about what you would expect, smells bad, interesting people doing interesting things and inappropriate signs and stores.  But, this restaurant is kid friendly and a small oasis set back off the street.
 Brian texted us a picture of the menu his first night there with "fried alligator".  Landon was set on trying it, and I was curious.  So we ordered it for an appetizer.  
 And it was pretty good!  Landon describes it as spicy friend chicken, and that's pretty accurate.  The food there all has a kick, which we all like.  
 Even Adler tried it, though I am not positive he loved it as much.  
 They are also famous for their "hurricane".  Apparently when my parents took my grandma there, she ordered one of these.  It has 4 shots in it!  The boys got virgin hurricanes.  

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