Saturday, June 18, 2016

NOLA knows how to party

 The last night of the conference was their annual party.  Brian mentioned that we should join in and said, "I think we're going to parade to a restaurant a block away".  Landon and Adler had been playing on the escalator and Adler fell and got pretty beat up.  I decided it would still be fun to try and walk the "block" to the restaurant so I loaded Adler into the stroller and carried Blane.  We got outside to a true parade!  Stilt walkers, 2 marching bands and hundreds of people who shut down one of the busiest roads to parade and have fun!  The parade ended up being about a mile or more in a roundabout way to the restaurant, but we managed and it was one of the highlights of the trips for sure.

 I thought mardi gras beads were only in February, but as we marched down the streets, residents were throwing beaded necklaces off of their porches.  Apparently this happens more often than I thought!

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