Friday, June 17, 2016

New Orleans

 Brian had a conference in New Orleans.  Its a place I have always wanted to go and so we decided to tag along for the last part of it.  My parents offered to go and get a separate room, which worked out really well.  They were able to watch Blane for some of the longer touristy things we wanted to do with the big guys.  I got everyone packed and ready and we started with the train to the plane!  It was extremely easy and fun for the boys.

 Landon, Blane and I sat together and Lan was so helpful entertaining Blane on the flight.

 With so many people, the cheapest way to get to the hotel was by limo.  It was the boys first time riding in one and they thought it was really fun!  (side note, we found out its actually much cheaper to do uber, so we did that on the way home).

Blane loved riding in the limo too!

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