Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Both Brian and I learned to ski young. The exact age is unknown, but it was young enough that neither of us remember the first runs we took. I knew I wanted LT to learn young too, but somehow learning to ski before 4 seemed silly and challenging. How would he walk in the boots? Carry his own skis? His little muscles were still developing. I, for no real reason, decided 4 was a perfect age. I intentionally schedule his school schedule so that he had some time off to ski during the week, knowing that Kindergarten brought a whole new schedule to our lives and we would never be this flexible again. I think, for us, we chose the right age.
We discussed whether or not we should teach him ourselves. Lessons are expensive and not flexible. Yet, despite the fact that Brian and I can both ski well, neither of us have a clue as to how to teach a child to ski. After a few family attempts, I decided to sign LT up for 4 consecutive lessons at Copper. I intentionally did not tell LT we had signed him up (I was worried he would refuse to go). We have been driving up Tuesday night, staying with Baba and then heading to Copper for lessons Wed mornings. Last week was our first week. I waited until our drive up and casually mentioned to LT that he would start ski school the next day. I waited anxiously for a reply. After a minute he said, "oh great, I think I will really like it. I will be fine mom!" Ah, what a relief. We went to Copper Wed morning on a bright, sunny warm day (no snow for mom to enjoy, but for LT it was perfect conditions). LT had no trouble putting on his boots, carrying his skis or walking from the lodge out to the magic carpet on the first day. Best of all, he loved it and wanted to go back again this week.
On our drive home, after a long nap, he did mention that "it was a little long mommy, I was tired." Our intention in teaching him to ski is to enjoy it and have fun. I told him I would be happy to come back halfway through this week and check on him. Today was a different story weather wise. It was windy, below zero and snowing. I was sure he would want to leave with me halfway through, but I was wrong. He didn't want to stop. He didn't want help. He wanted to keep practicing and showing me all the things he had learned. Even I had to go in and warm up a few times, but he insisted on staying outside.
His teacher is really great. A young guy with a lot of enthusiasm. They use hula hoops at first to get the kids to learn to snowplow. The first run I watched LT, he used the hula hoop. Never again, and he never fell or got his skis crossed.
By the end his teacher was even pushing him gently on his back to get him to go faster, and still no trouble. He loved it even more.

Here are a few videos from today. He's come a long way with just a few days on the slopes.

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MC said...

Wow, go LT!!! He is way tougher than I am (: