Saturday, January 14, 2012

Childrens Museum

Baba was so kind to give the boys a Childrens Museum membership for Christmas. I take Adler every Thursday there while LT is in school, but the three of us have also made a few visits.

Adler the mad scientist.
They usually have a fire truck for the kids to play on, but the exhibit has been under construction for quite awhile. Meanwhile, they have this temporary truck for the kids to play on. Neither of them can wait until the other one opens, its definitely a highlight of every visit.
We were surprised when we went the other day after not having been for a year. They have a new space exhibit! The kids can launch rockets, explore gravity and built their own rockets. LT spent over an hour in this one small area.
Eye protection... the boys might have some differences, but they both protect their eyes, no matter what. This is the first thing Adler asks for when he goes into the bubble exhibit.

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