Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First time in the "walled city"

 Old Town Dubrovnik is a walled city that is 600ish years old.  The walls jut a 1000 feet up from crystal clear water and were used to protect the city.  Inside the walls are these narrow brick pathways lined with restaurants and shops.  There are hotels in this area as well, but we stayed in the newer part to ensure we had a pool, beach access and air conditioning (it was 100 degrees while we were in Dubrovnik with maybe 50% humidity).
 Our first full day we spent at the hotel pool and catching up on sleep (we all slept until 1:30).  We managed to get ourselves to the old town for dinner.  Parking was always interesting in Dubrovnik (big hills with a stick shift, very few parking spots combined with unclarity as to how or if we needed to pay).  Then it was a long walk up and down hills, but the old town was amazing and worth all the effort.  

I was prepared to not use high chairs, or sippy cups, or changing tables, but we did find that some restaurants had "baby seats".  

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