Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Swim buds

 So many of both Brian and my summer childhood memories are of fun with friends after swim team or at swim meets.  We've only been members of our pool for a year, but the boys (and us) are slowly getting to know more and more people.  Today was a breakthrough for the boys.  Adler had his "B" league swim meet which I took him to.  Below he was playing card games with friends.  My dad took Landon to practice, but Landon really wanted us to come if we were finished in time (and we were).  After practice, we usually rush out, but today he said, "I want to hang out with my friends".  He headed over to where a group of three were standing and they talked for quite awhile.  I couldn't be happier that they have found the same joy in swim team that both Brian and I had as kids.

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