Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pedicures and dinner

Landon and Brian were gone one afternoon and evening at the Ken Caryl swim meet and so Adler, Blane and I got a date.  Adler had been asking me regularly to paint his nails, but it never stays quite like after getting a pedicure.  I was also in need of one.  When I mentioned it to him, he jumped at the idea.  
When we got there, there was another mom with her 7 year old son getting pedicures.
Its not quite as relaxing with a baby wanting to crawl around but stuck on your lap, but we managed.

I don't like my fingers painted, but Adler wasn't going to leave without getting a manicure also!
Afterwards we went to Tag for dinner and he drew this picture of his favorite part of the day.  It was of us getting pedicures (picture on the right of us with our feet in the tubs), his manicure (left bottom picture) and us having dinner (top pic).  He has asked nearly every day since when we can go back for another one.  

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