Sunday, December 4, 2011


LT, Adler and I made our annual trip to the Hammonds Candy Factory earlier this week. This was the first year Adler really understood why we were there. He embraced the candy idea fully.
December is a busy month for the candy factory and often the tours are booked. This was the case when we arrived Tuesday, the 10 AM tour was full and we were going to have to wait an extra half hour. However, soon after our arrival, we were informed that the school group scheduled had cancelled and we would get an almost private tour! They usually give out broken pieces of candy that they can't sell to the tours, but because our group was so small, a factory worker came out with full sized candy canes for each of us!
Adler can just barely reach this year!
LT has been reading a lot of Curious George books. Recently he got one called "Curious George and the Chocolate Factory". It was fun to hear him compare the book to the candy factory tour.
My love bugs.

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