Sunday, July 29, 2012

from the email archives

Life is busy. Earlier this month I was in Vancouver for the week followed by a week in Vail and a few months ago I found myself in Europe for a few days. And those are just work trips on top of the usual craziness of life (that was also an excuse to link to some photos from those trips). In the midst of all this we sometimes fall behind in updating this blog.

Kari and I sometimes take photos of the kids with our phones and email them to each other. You know, because being a parent makes you do stuff like that. So, as a half-baked attempt to catch up a little on the blog, I went though my email looking for those photos and put some of them up here.  

Adler on his bike at Rainbow park in Silverthorne. 

LT playing at Rainbow park.

 LT helping make dinner one night.

 Adler loves sour cream.

 The boys love to watch the "pizza guys" work at Parisi.

Adler at the park. He's helping me write this and just said, "that's me with my new sunglasses" but I'll note that he's already lost them. The rest of the quotes in this post are things Adler said about each photo.

 Adler very happy "driving" the Tuk Tuk at the new Elephant Passage exhibit at the zoo.

"That's us when we were hugging each other."
"L... L... L.. T... and... that's me!"

"I'm doing climbing"

The boys pretending to be pregnant.

"That's Smokey and Bowen. It was a playdate for Bowen."

A boys dinner at Billy's.

"LT and me."

"LT got his face painted" and had his favorite First Friday snack of strawberries.

"Us in the bike trailer carrying some water "

"That's LT at Baba's house with no Baba there. Is that with Baba there? Not. Is she there? Where is Baba in the picture?"

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