Monday, October 17, 2011

Punkin Patch

LT and Adler have embraced Halloween this year, fully. They are rarely seen in clothes other than "punkin" shirts or skeleton jammies. Their daily artwork is filled with Halloween themed art. It was only fitting that we made a trip to the Rock Creek Farm pumpkin patch last week. We were lucky to have Isaac, Jonah, Holden and Zack join us.
I told LT that he and Adler could each choose one pumpkin. The possibilities were endless, yet every one was perfect in their eyes.
Adler tripped over a vine shortly after this picture and decided being carried the remainder was a better idea.
I don't think our boys look much alike, but I hear that they do from strangers all the time. I guess this picture makes me see what others see in them. They are definitely brothers.

Trying to get a group of toddlers in a photo is challenging. After the pumpkin fields, we found their kid center. Several jumpy castles, hay bale mazes, a petting zoo were all big hits for these guys!

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